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Pure Storage CEO on a mission to modernise data experiences

Charles Giancarlo is ploughing cash into R&D to virtualise and containerise storage and related infrastructure.

Pure Storage

Pure Storage has emerged as by some measures the largest of the crop of datacentre-orientated startups that emerged 10 to 15 years ago. Some have been highly successful, notably Nutanix, while others such as Nimble Storage, PernixData, Tintri and SimpliVity were acquired. But Pure is still standing with a market cap of $8.8bn at time of writing and almost $1.7bn in revenues for its last financial year.

Getting on for seven years since its IPO, the company continues to grow on the back of a hugely popular and fast enterprise storage portfolio based on a pioneering all-Flash approach. Once seen as risky and pricey to get fully behind, Flash is quickly becoming the default storage medium for more and more companies in the enterprise and cloud markets Pure serves. Now the company is seeking to write another chapter through a policy of virtualisation and encroachment on complementary security and adjacent markets. It’s a classic story of scaling up, according to CEO Charles Giancarlo when we meet recently in London.

“Where do you go from here, after you’ve had a breakout hit?” he asks rhetorically. “People say ‘you’re a niche. We love the way you work but you just don’t have the portfolio’.”

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