Couchbase CTO: IT change is a transformative business asset

Couchbase - a company known for its open source, distributed multi-model NoSQL document-oriented database software package optimised for interactive applications - shares its views on the transformative forces driving enterprises to new platforms, tools and technology suites.


Some 100% of technology surveys are contrived, fabricated and pre-loaded to deliver a payload designed to validate the vendor commissioning the research in the first place. We could argue the toss on this subject and look for some genuinely impartial study, but (arguably) that might only turn out to be the exception that proves the rule.

Open source database company Couchbase carries out an annual tech market survey designed to try and provide the market with some pointers and weather patterns, so are its ‘findings’ born of any value, or is this more valueless puff and nonsense?

Pandemic pain points

Almost amusingly, Couchbase reports that 99% of enterprises say they learned lessons from the pandemic. Companies said that they learned about the importance of supporting remote and hybrid working (45%); the need for continuous investment and research in digital transformation technologies (41%); and how to better engage the wider business in digital transformation strategy (34%).

It kind of begs the question, what was the firm that said it learned nothing about technology change during the pandemic? Was it a remote working, cloud-based, web collaboration-centric operation that only employs freelance home workers with an ability to self-manage and understand the importance of human wellbeing? Who knows.

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