Why the C-Suite needs to care about data engineering

As the digital grease-juggling engineers that make up our DevOps teams now work an explosion of data tools across complex & fragmented workflows, can database management specialists like Percona improve the data engineering team’s existence?


My door is always open. It’s a term oft-used by company directors and divisional managers seeking to convey an aura of affable approachability and amiable accessibility.

But really, even if those doors are open, who are they open to and what kind of plea will even the most broad-minded C-suite manager actually listen to?

It’s likely that most of the petitions and appeals tabled by ‘walk in’ employees would be requests like: can we have a new company wellbeing initiative, can we create more diversity in the workplace, why are our sales targets always unachievable, why doesn’t this office have any car parking… and why are there never any diet isotonic drinks in the vending machine?

The request you won’t hear

The request you or any bystander probably won’t hear is: why is our database management layer getting so tough to work at the same time as the demands on our data engineering team are increasing?

It’s just not the kind of thing people ask the company directorate is it? So if we can’t reasonably bring up these issues, what can we do?

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