Calling time on enterprise scale real-time services

The enterprise use of real-time applications and data services is growing in importance, but getting it right requires a lot of software engineering time and money – can C-suite executives justify the expense of trying to build home grown real-time technologies or should they look for a platform solution?

A line of hand drawn men holding gears, and at the end of line is a golden stopwatch. Inside the wat

Software is accelerating. As a statement on its own that might be somewhat misleading. After all, software is always evolving to become faster and more powerful. Equally, the workflow procedures software programmers use (think DevOps, low-code and more) are also working to make the process of building code faster too.

There is another type of acceleration in the software universe and it is the application of real-time services.

A new digital experience standard

Whether receiving a football goal alert or payment notification on their mobile phones, making changes to an online document, or speaking to a voice assistant such as Alexa, consumers increasingly expect real-time digital experiences as standard.

If a website or application can’t provide instantaneous real-time feedback, today’s digital natives see it as a ‘bug’.

In precise terms, real-time computing can never really actually exist. Mainly because all networks require an amount of time to process a computing function, even if it is an infinitesimally small amount of milliseconds.

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