31 high-paying tech skills that will go even higher

Looking for career advice? Bank one of these skills to get you both increased pay and improved job opportunities.

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In the thirty years our firm has been tracking, reporting, analysing and forecasting tech labour compensation and supply/demand, we’ve never seen what’s currently considered normal in the tech labour marketplace. Sure, there have been ‘sellers’ markets’ before when employees have more of an upper hand in negotiating for promotions, new jobs, higher pay, and valued perks. But today is different: geographical limitations are minimal; workers have more say about when, where, and how much they work; and employers are finally realising that pay is not the motivator they’ve always been convinced it is.

But the fact is that organisations are quickly shifting their business models and creating new ones in the race to adopt several high momentum technologies that have deeply altered the depth and variety of skills and experience required in their workforces. This has had radical implications for IT talent and workforce dynamics.

One way of measuring these shifts is tracking increases or decreases in the cash pay premiums that employers are willing to pay tech workers—in addition to their salaries---for more than a thousand in-demand tech skills. Our firm has been tracking skills pay since 2000 in our quarterly-updated IT Skills and Certifications Pay IndexTM (ITSCPI), currently reporting pay for 584 certified and 661 noncertified tech skills. That’s a lot of skills, and the survey demographics behind the ITSCPI are equally impressive: 88,920 U.S. and Canadian tech professionals in as many as 4,010 private and public sector employers.

Not every employer offers this critical element of compensation for adjusting to extreme market volatility. But those that do value flexibility and pay agility as key ingredients in hiring and retaining the talent they need, when they need it. This gives them tremendous competitive advantage at a time when failure means being acquired by or merged with other more successful companies who have not buckled in the face of unprecedented pressures to ‘meet the moment’ with the skills and talent to build, deliver, and support the new business models.    

High paying and going higher

The following noncertified tech skills meet three prerequisites:

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