Intrusion Detection and Prevention Software (IDPS): Which solution is best?

PeerSpot users review the highest rated solutions in the intrusion detection and prevention software (IDPS) market

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As cybercrime becomes more sophisticated and dangerous, many businesses are seeking new ways to defend their organisations and improve their cybersecurity capabilities. Intrusion, detection, and prevention software (IDPS) is becoming an increasingly popular choice for security leaders and there is now a strong market of potential solutions to choose from.

Over 540,000 professionals have used PeerSpot research to inform their purchasing decisions. Its latest paper looks at the highest rated IDPS vendors, profiling each and examining what they can offer enterprise.

Here’s a breakdown of the key players currently active in the market:

Check Point IPS

Average Rating: 9.0

Top Comparison: Darktrace

Overview: Combines industry leading IPS protection with breakthrough performance at a lower cost than traditional, stand-alone IPS software solutions.

Cisco IOS Security

Average Rating:  8.1

Top Comparison: Darktrace

Overview: Helps to defend critical business processes against attack and disruption, protect privacy, and support policy and regulatory compliance controls.


Average Rating: 8.2

Top Comparison: Trend Micro TippingPoint Threat Protection System

Overview: Provides network visibility, threat intelligence, automation and industry leading threat effectiveness.


Average Rating: 8.3

Top Comparison: Cisco Secure Network Analytics

Overview: Designed to learn the status quo of an operating system and quickly discover any anomalies, abusive behaviour, and potential cyber threats and stop them immediately.

Fortinet FortiGate IPS

Average Rating: 8.4

Top Comparison: Palo Alto Networks URL Filtering with PAN-DB

Overview: Protects against known threats and zero-day attacks including malware and underlying vulnerabilities.

Kerio Control

Average Rating: 7.6

Top Comparison: pfSense

Overview: A next-generation firewall that provides unified threat management without complexity. It also offers advanced anti-virus protection and industry-leading web and content application filtering.

McAfee Network Security Platform

Average Rating: 8.7

Top Comparison: Trend Micro TippingPoint Threat Protection System

Overview:  A uniquely intelligent security solution that discovers and blocks sophisticated threats in the network. Using advanced detection and emulation techniques, it moves beyond mere pattern matching to defend against stealthy attacks with a high degree of accuracy.

Palo Alto Networks Threat Prevention

Average Rating: 9.0

Top Comparison: Darktrace

Overview: Leverages the visibility of next generation firewalls to inspect all traffic, automatically preventing known threats, regardless of port, protocol, or SSL encryption.

Trend Micro Deep Discovery

Average Rating: 8.7

Top Comparison: Darktrace

Overview: Designed to quickly detect advanced malware that typically bypasses traditional security defences and exfiltrates sensitive data, it also provides specialised detection engines and custom sandbox analysis to detect and prevent breaches.

Vectra AI

Average Rating: 9.1

Top Comparison: Darktrace

Overview: Detects and responds to attacks inside cloud, data centre, Internet of Things, and enterprise networks. The platform also provides automated response capabilities for low-level threats.

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