Kathryn Cave


Kathryn Cave looks at the big trends in global tech



Meet one of the early (pre-JavaScript) VR pioneers

We speak to VR pioneer Tony Parisi about the future of the industry


Human Resources

CIO spotlight: The IT bullying problem that needs more attention

Why IT leaders must be ready to see the signs of workplace bullying


Human Resources

Why Steve Jobs is the 'reverse case study' for IT leadership

Our research shows bullying could be a serious issue in IT… and Steve Jobs may have been the worst of the lot


Email Encryption

Q&A: Could blockchain professionalize Gmail?

Dr. Florian Bersier, CEO and Founder of Gmelius talks about his new email service and how blockchain can make a difference


Artificial Intelligence

Q&A: Could 'mind reading' apps take on the enterprise?

Neura CEO tells us more about the growth of personalized experiences


Human Resource Management

Q&A: Will skills be the key to the 'future of work'?

Targus’ IT director talks about what the future of work might mean in practice


Business Management

Will the 'future of work' make employees more productive?

The benefits of the future workplace are getting touted on all sides… but what won’t work out as anticipated?


Q&A: Homeworking may not boost 'productivity' after all

We speak to Dr Esther Canonico, from the London School of Economics Department of Management about her study on the long term impact of home working


Human Resources

Do introverted CIOs face particular leadership challenges?

The majority of CIOs are introverts… but does this cause problems?


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