Roel Castelein


Analytics Software

Personality predictions based on LinkedIn are already scarily accurate

Roel Castelein takes a look at the future of personality analysis and what it might mean


Green Business

The 'big bad data police' will call if we don't get more efficient

Why digital growth and energy efficiency don’t have to be mutually exclusive


Business Management

Diapers as-a-service, engines-on-demand & a post-Madonna taxi crush

A look at the odd ways in which analytical data is changing every industry


Statistical Data Analysis

Data Science for dummies: The six step methodology

As a newly certified Data Scientist, Roel Castelein describes what it really means


Infrastructure Management

Where is the African Digital Sandbox?

Investment in roads, railways and airports may help to Africa, but what about IT infrastructure?


Data Mining

The Democratization of Big Brother

Should we worry about personal data collection and analysis by online giants?



A Fridge, Car Windows and iChastity Belts

Roel Castelein explains the Inter of Things with the help of a fridge, car windows... and a chastity belt.


Roel Castelein (Scandinavia) - Does a Scandinavian Swallow Hail the Green IT Spring? Part II

In this second part of an exclusive two-part piece on Green IT in Scandinavia, Roel Castelein looks at the companies making the most of Scandinavia’s Green IT revolution....

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