David Braue

David Braue is an award-winning technology journalist who has covered Australia's IT industry since 1995. His portfolio spans business, ICT, telecommunications and other areas, with a particular focus on Australia's world-leading national broadband network (NBN).



Huawei Australia Finds Even Money Can't Buy It Love

Despite its best efforts, the Chinese giant has been effectively blocked by the Australian government


Communications Software

Australian Tech Lets Cars Talk for Safer Roads

An Adelaide-based company is helping drive a vehicle-to-vehicle communications revolution


Data Privacy and Security

Election Ahoy! Can Pirate Party Ride PRISM Outrage to Australian Poll success?

It's not every day that a political fringe movement gets handed a gift that validates its very existence, but that's what has happened to the Pirate Party Australia......



Wireless Teases Australian Nurses with Telehealth's Fibre Promise

Australia's NBN has been sold on the basis that it will enable nationwide telehealth... but is it really worth the expense?



Fibre to the Mouth: Australians Sinking their Teeth into NBN Dentistry

It may not have been what the architects of the NBN had in mind, but it seems that Australia's new broadband network will be used for teledentistry...


Fibre Optic Networking

PM's Poll Spike Suggests Australia's Fibre Paradise Isn't Doomed Just Yet

This article discusses Australia's NBN in relation to the upcoming election.

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