Gabriel Cogo



Gabriel Cogo (Brazil) - Brazil and the Open Source Software

In developing IT markets, the potential of open source appears to be great. Gabriel Cogo, a Sales Analyst at Gerdau SA, discusses these potentials and whether they...



Gabriel Cogo (Brazil) - IT Innovation in Brazil

In uncertain times, it isn't clear as to whether one should invest in new technologies or not. Gabriel Cogo, Sales Analyst at Gerdau SA, argues that Brazil is tentatively...


Energy Efficiency

Gabriel Cogo (Brazil) - Project Management: Do You Know the Risks?

Recent academic studies about IT projects have shown that most projects are considered unsuccessful, and most of the project's managers aren't fully aware of the...



Gabriel Cogo (Brazil) - The Labor Market: Stress and Goals

Recent research on professionals based in different parts of Brazil stated that IT professionals have amongst the highest stress rates. These are even worse than...


Business Management

Gabriel Cogo (Brazil) - The Future of the IT Professional in Brazil

The new IT professional not only needs to have a proficient technical background, but also has to be capable of participating in multi-department tasks; to be very...


Market Analysis

Gabriel Cogo (Brazil) - IT Predictions for South America in 2011

Discover Gabriel Cogo’s IT predictions for South America in 2011


Gabriel Cogo (Brazil) - The Lack of Professionals in Brazilian IT

Everyone’s talking about how Brazil’s economy is getting stronger, and how its growth is generating thousands of new opportunities for people to get wealthier. This...


Gabriel Cogo (Brazil) - Cloud computing Brazil

The biggest challenge for a CIO who wants to use cloud computing is actually changing the culture in the company. It may sound easy. But in fact, it’s the hardest...


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