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Brighton, England-based Max Cooter has spent about 25 years writing about technology, when not obsessing about his beloved Brighton and Hove Albion football and Sussex cricket teams


Cloud Computing

Slalom terms help Europe swerve cloud contract obstacles

A template approach to cloud contracts promises to accelerate procurement


Cloud Computing

CloudOpting: Changing the face of Europe's ICT procurement

An appstore for smart cities and other government projects is aimed at simplifying procurement


Collaborative Working

EU's big tech research projects reach a crossroads

The European Union has fostered a series of initiatives to help researchers and others share technologies


Data Privacy and Security

It's UK versus Europe in the battle over data protection

An EU split over data protection rules is building and will impact many organisations’ IT plans


Cloud Computing

France's bid for cloud power smacks of déjà vu

Numergy and CloudWatt are part of a French attempt to make national champions in cloud computing


Data Center Management

EU Takes Aim at Datacentre Power Hogs

A series of European Union programmes address the power consumption of server rooms



Wi-Fi + Coke = The Real Thing for Poorest South Africans

BT is working with Coca-Cola to bring connectivity to drinks dispensers and business opportunities to local people

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