John Colley



John Colley (Global) - Bolstering Cyber Defenses with Public Education and Awareness

In this final article in his three-part series, John Colley from (ISC)2 explores what measures governments are taking to improve cyber security. See what is required...


Human Resources

John Colley (Global) - Filling the Cyber Skills Gap in the Emerging Threat Landscape (Part 2)

This second post in a three-part series from John Colley explores the cyber skills gap and discusses ways to address this. Discover the role that governments, academics...



John Colley (Global) - Governments Should Look to the International Professional Community to Drive a Broad Cyber Security Agenda

In this post John Colley explores the rise of cyber-crime across the world, and explains the measures governments should be taking to help minimize the risk of cyber-crime...


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