Marc Ambasna-Jones

Marc Ambasna-Jones is a UK-based freelance writer and media consultant and has been writing about business and technology since 1989.


Handheld Devices

Will Wearable Devices Lead To More Theft?

The rise of wearables might mean new challenges for policing and data security


Master Data Management

In UK, Drive for Open Data Still Lacks the Human Factor

Efforts to make public data generally available for citizens and businesses to build on are stumbling


Business Management

Santiago Bilinkis: Applying Science to LatAm Startup Methods

The Argentine entrepreneur says that more rigour in methodology can give Latin American startups a better chance


Training and Development

Can This Pope-Backed Learning Platform Bring World Peace?

Pope Francis is supporting a new education project but questions remain


Search Engines

Is Visual Search Ready to Revolutionise Retail?

Using images to search through products has long been mooted but there remain challenges alongside promise


Business Management

Globant CEO Sees a Wearable Future

The CEO of the first Latin American software company on the NYSE, Martin Migoya sees promise in wearable computing


Business Management

UK Needs Innovation Renaissance — Entrepreneur, Dan Wagner

The serial startup creator talks about his career, Bluetooth beacons, local frustrations and m-commerce


Business Management

Human League Founder Martyn Ware on Tech and Music Change

The co-founder of The Human League and Heaven 17 reflects on the ways in which technology has changed the pop industry


Business Management

Samba Tech CEO Sees a Beautiful Horizon

The chief of online video platform Samba Tech Gustavo Caetano says Belo Horizonte can become a startup beacon



Virtual Reality Addresses UK Kids' Autism and Phobias

New immersive technology helps children become comfortable with feared scenarios



Do you think your smartphone is making you a workaholic?