Marc Ambasna-Jones

Marc Ambasna-Jones is a UK-based freelance writer and media consultant and has been writing about business and technology since 1989.


Wireless Technologies

Will cyborgs and biohackers inherit the earth?

Elon Musk believes humans will have to take on technology intelligence to survive


Mobile Communications

Barcelona breathes deep on Mobile World Congress optimism

The Catalan city is reinvented when the MWC mobile conference cavalcade arrives

Cloud Computing

In Bristol, Oracle cosies up to cloud startups

Database giant Oracle is attempting to feed off innovative newcomers via accelerator programme in Bristol, England


Business Management

Is China starting to trump US tech industry on innovation?

A copier turned inventor, China is challenging US on global tech patents


Mobile Applications founder Martin Stiksel's Lumi targets 'fake news' pioneered music discovery and now its founder is using a similar approach for reading


Software & Web Development

Could blockchain help fight the counterfeit goods racket?

Blockchain technology is synonymous with Bitcoin but it could have diverse applications including identifying pirated goods


Wireless Technologies

Why drones are not just for Christmas

Commercial drone sales are expected to leapfrog the consumer market as regulations evolve


Is ice cream the real reason IoT was invented?

Dell EMC sweetens Internet of Things vision with ice cream


Data Privacy and Security

UK tech luminaries embrace France's Digital Republic Bill

The UK and other countries can learn from Gallic stance despite current political and economic climate

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