Marc Ambasna-Jones

Marc Ambasna-Jones is a UK-based freelance writer and media consultant and has been writing about business and technology since 1989.


Wireless Technologies

Why drones are not just for Christmas

Commercial drone sales are expected to leapfrog the consumer market as regulations evolve


Is ice cream the real reason IoT was invented?

Dell EMC sweetens Internet of Things vision with ice cream


Data Privacy and Security

UK tech luminaries embrace France's Digital Republic Bill

The UK and other countries can learn from Gallic stance despite current political and economic climate


Dell offers new guide to the galaxy

At Dell EMC World, Michael Dell showed off his vast new empire


Business Management

Spanish startup wages war on buffering TV streams

Teltoo, a Madrid, Spain-based peer-to-peer firm, wants to be that country’s unicorn via peer-to-peer tech


Data Privacy and Security

Is UK Government open data just a box to tick?

Plans to sell off the Land Registry threatens availability of valuable open data set


Software & Web Development

Why Pokémon Go is inspiring one company to map the world

eeGeo is using open data, VR and AR to build 3D maps and models for businesses and cities but can it make money?


Wireless Technologies

Will consumers run from home control confusion?

Is proprietary tech the answer to security fears over home automation?


Business Management

Can Brazil's problems actually fuel tech growth?

Is 2016 a ‘lost year’ for Brazil tech industry or is it a reawakening?


Wireless Technologies

You have reached your final destination - is GPS going home to roost?

How an Australian academic project is overcoming issues with GPS in sports



Do you think your smartphone is making you a workaholic?