Marc Ambasna-Jones

Marc Ambasna-Jones is a UK-based freelance writer and media consultant and has been writing about business and technology since 1989.


Social Media Marketing

Let's talk about sex branding gurus

What does social media reveal about men and women’s attitudes online?


Wireless Technologies

Could a drone datacentre provide emergency aid?

Datacentre appliance firm Nutanix creates proof-of-concept flying datacentre


Human Resources

Can the evolving CIO role break a glass ceiling for women?

Women CIOs are on the increase but progress is slow, says survey


Business Management

Is alternative funding a sound option for business growth?

While ‘Olderpreneurs’ are reaping the benefits of age and pensions, alternative funding sources are gaining momentum


Training and Development

Can teachers be replaced by algorithms?

Technology can help improve targeted learning and the whole classroom experience


Data Mining

Can data change lives in India?

A New Delhi start-up is helping to police social progress through analytics and visualisation


Data Mining

Bloodhound 1000mph land speed record bid driven by data

Avonmouth firm pushes more than tech boundaries to try and hit 1000mph in South African desert


Master Data Management

Hortonworks' Cunitz hungry for data ingestion acquisition

Hortonworks president is enjoying the ‘craic’ of open source and IPO


Business Management

Security tool key player in Hadoop plot to rule the world

Open source platform celebrates 10 years but has it come of age?


Data Center & Storage Solutions

Datacentre revolution not IPO on Kempel's agenda

SimpliVity boss focusses on driving datacentre change not public investment



Do you think your smartphone is making you a workaholic?