Niladri Bose

Niladri Bose is a Post Graduate in Mass Communication and former journalist. Niladri writes on economic issue, and also on social, political and Internet trends.



Technology to improve India's shocking health indicators

How can tech initiatives help the Indian health system?



New Delhi: India's New Biometric Attendance System

Can India’s government biometric system in New Delhi and Jharkhand improve the work ethic in the public sector?


Technology Planning and Analysis

India's 100 Smart City Program

How the term “smart city” has finally been updated in India and what this might mean in practice



Technology: The Challenge of Better Food Delivery

We investigate the paradox of India’s food system


Human Resources

India: Women in Technology, and Gender Equality

Does India have a higher proportion of women in senior IT positions than elsewhere?


Mobile Communications

Indian Telecoms Industry: The Inevitable Consolidation

What is the history of the Indian telecoms industry and how is it likely to impact ordinary customers?


Wireless Technologies

IT and the Digital Divide in India

How serious is the digital divide and how is it impacting Indian society?



Globalization: The Impact on Indian Society

How is globalization impacting traditional Indian culture?


Power Solutions

How Technology Can Fix 4 Big Problems of India

New technology ventures to counteract India’s most basic problems

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