Vincent Matinde

Vincent Matinde is an international IT Journalist highlighting African innovations in the technology scene.


Business Management

Africa: The Animation Industry is Sprouting

Budding animators flooding Kenya. But is there a market for the industry in Africa?


Mobile Communications

The Changing Face of Cyber Security in Africa

Africa has a unique cyber security challenge in the wake of mobile money use


Cloud Computing Platforms

Video: M-Changa, Charity Fundraising in Kenya

Vincent Matinde interviews Kyai Mullei, Co-founder of Kenyan SMS charity fundraising platform, M-Changa


Mobile Applications

Can Mobile Digital Music Help African Musicians?

African musicians have long struggled with making money from the sale of their music. Now digital music distribution could make a difference, especially on mobile....


Mobile Applications

Crowdsourced Data: Easing Nairobi Traffic

The traffic mess in developing cities is slowing down economic growth.


Identity Management

Kenya: Overcoming Challenges of the National Digital Register

Kenya is about to unveil a digital system that will capture every citizen’s details. But there are glaring hurdles that the government cannot ignore.


Mobile Working

Opportunities for Mobile Enterprise Adoption in Africa

With the rise of mobile phone penetration in Africa, adoption of mobile enterprise tools is inevitable



Terrorism: Is Africa Getting the Tech Fight Wrong?

With increased insecurity in Africa, appropriate technology is needed to prevent and curb insecurity incidences. Is Africa taking advantage of the right technology?...


E-Commerce Solutions

SleepOut: The Rise of "Africa's Airbnb"

Accommodation is always needed on a vibrant tourism circuit. Now Sleepout is solving the headache of looking for an appropriate stay in the Middle East and Africa....


Fibre Optic Networking

Liquid Telecom's Plans to Take Over Africa

Liquid Telecom’s quick rise to the top could usher the largest internet provider company in the region.

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