Vincent Matinde

Vincent Matinde is an international IT Journalist highlighting African innovations in the technology scene.


Business Management

What African start-ups can learn from Southeast Asia

From one emerging market to another, Africa could pick up some pointers from Southeast Asia


Energy Efficiency

Solar: Three answers to off-grid power in Kenya

Three innovative African companies aiming to change solar energy consumption through technology


Business Management

Dealing with digital disruption in Africa

How can African companies and governments anticipate and court disruption?


Handheld Technology

Kenya: Integrating e-books in education

The e-learning train has left the station in Kenya, but content development is key in making it successful.



Africa: The rise of financial loans via mobile phone

The mobile phone is widely used to give Kenyans loans. What is the underlying tech?


Business Management

Africa needs better application of 'Smart City' tech

Rapid development in many urban parts of Africa could be enriched with the use of technology and innovation



Africa and the rise of 'doctors on demand'

A new wave of medical health apps aim to change poor medical access for Africans


Mobile Communications

Forget 5G… Africa still hasn't managed 4G yet

While the rest of the world is speculating on 5G speeds, Africa is still in the birth pains of delivering 4G LTE


Training and Development

Educating Kenyan children who have never used computers

We follow an IT enthusiast as he goes around the country teaching young rural kids how to code



Africa 2016: Social banking, cyber security and talent development

As smartphone and internet penetration rises so do security threats

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