Vincent Matinde

Vincent Matinde is an international IT Journalist highlighting African innovations in the technology scene.


E-Commerce Solutions

Solving the African shipping problem in eCommerce

Despite the growth of eCommerce in Africa, the problem of shipping has still not been adequately addressed



Blogging for local recipes in Kenya

Kenyans are beginning to discover different flavours, thanks to the power of the internet.


Business Management

Why East African startups should take PivotEast seriously

Since 2011, Pivot East has been the single most important event for start-ups. This is why.


Content Management

New content opportunities in African broadcasting

Digital broadcasting in Africa is opening up opportunities to create unique content for the continent.


Networking & Communications

WEF Africa: ICT remains the biggest economic bet

A new report launched at the World Economic Forum indicates that Africa has a long way to go in implementing ICT innovation



Africa may not see affordable connectivity soon

Most internet companies argue that internet prices might not come down - despite harsh competition in many African countries


Technology Planning and Analysis

AB3D: An African 3D printer made from eWaste

This company is aiming to make 3D printing more common by using e-waste products. But will 3D printing make a mark in Africa?


Content Delivery Networks

The growth of video on demand across Africa

Official VOD providers might be late to get into this market seeing that the internet has already disrupted content access.



Kenyan Ongair and Zendesk to change social CRM globally

A new partnership could highlight Kenyan leadership in social CRM


Mobile Applications

Telling local stories: Mobile "Disney" for Africa

Why a mobile African storytelling app is expected to reach many new subscribers

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