Vincent Matinde

Vincent Matinde is an international IT Journalist highlighting African innovations in the technology scene.


Business Management

Kenya: Investor relations tips for local startups

Nairobi is attracting more funding opportunities from within and without. Startups need to know how relate to investors.



Opportunities for Crowdfunding in Africa

Crowdfunding is a common concept in developed nations but now new platforms also aim to make it common in Africa


Business Management

Kenya: Why local IT firms don't want government projects

Despite the rise in local ICT innovation, most companies have decided not to bid on government projects.


Mobile Applications

Android: The pain of selling apps in Africa

Has the lack of a suitable payment plan for Africa hampered local app developers’ plans to sell apps?


Technology Planning and Analysis

Keepod Africa: Computing access for all?

Not everyone in Africa has the capacity of owning a computer. But Keepod aims to get most connected through a shared but private technology.



Dealing with online hate speech in Kenya

Dissident views and emotional outbursts on social media may cause social divide, so how do the authorities deal with hate speech?



Africa: The rise of BYOD & corporate data threats

The uncontrolled adoption of personal gadgets could see outsider and insider threats increase if companies fail to put policies in places



The race to connect Africa through satellite technology

Satellite communication has been tipped to deliver the internet to Africa


Business Management

Technology can spur the film industry in Africa

Filmmaking in Kenya has never been remarkable but technology might now hold the key to its success


Training and Development

Re-looking at Kenya's digital learning school project

Digital publishers have called for more inclusion in the digital learning process to make it more effective for teachers, pupils and publishers.

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