Krishna Gopal



The Political Power of Tech in the Middle East

This article discusses the political power of technology in the Middle East.


Human Resources

Krishna Gopal (Middle East) - Education: Is IT in ME?

As part of a series looking at the correlation between IT and education around the world, Krishna Gopal looks at IT and education in the Middle East.



Krishna Gopal (Middle East) - 2013 Predictions: Middle East and Africa

In a new series of articles on 2013 IT Predictions, IDG Connect offers expert insight into upcoming trends around the world.


Business Management

Krishna Gopal (Middle East) - Marshaling the Troops for Middle East Projects

Krishna Gopal discusses the challenge of staffing the IT industry in the Middle East.


Business Management

Krishna Gopal (Middle East) - Negotiating and Closing Deals with Middle East Telecoms

Krishna Gopal discusses the practice of negotiating and closing deals in the Middle East.


Business Management

Krishna Gopal (Middle East) - Smart Contracting in the Middle East

In this blog post, independent consultant Krishna Gopal discusses the challenges and opportunities of smart contracting in the Middle East.


Mobile Communications

Krishna Gopal (Global) - Telecoms Across the World

In this blog post, Krishna Gopal looks at the telecommunication market across the world, comparing regions such as Africa and the Middle East.


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