Saadia Gardezi

Saadia Gardezi is a political scientist from Pakistan


Social Networks

Asia Pacific: MasterCard 'Mining' Social Media Data

What does MasterCard ‘mining’ social media data mean for consumers?


Social Networks

How Does Social Media Impact State Stability?

We discuss how social media use is impacting governments


Social Networks

Bad Neighbors: India, Pakistan and Social Media

How does social media impact the divide between Pakistan and India?


Social Networks

The Hong Kong Protests and the Great Firewall of China

We look at how China is clamping down on information about the Hong Kong protests


Social Networks

Iraq: Islamic State's Digital Fortress

How does IS, formerly ISIS, grow support through social media and other digital strategies?


Social Networks

India: New Media and NaMo

Saadia Gardezi offers an opinion on why Modi has proved so popular on social media


Social Networks

Gaza: Weapons for the Besieged

Social media is giving unprecedented personal insights into conflicts but does it just degenerate into propaganda?


Social Networks

Saudi Arabia: Resisting Silence in the Kingdom

The impact of social media on censorship and the role of women in Saudi Arabia

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