Armin Hopp


Human Resources

Leapfrog Over the Competition

Armin Hopp looks at how better communications helps to retain talent and ensure that organisations are able to address the forthcoming skills gaps that so many analysts...


Human Resource Management

Succession Planning and Creating Greater Workforce Mobility

Armin Hopp examines why succession planning and workforce mobility is unavoidable as the global recession eases.


Business Management

Armin Hopp (China) - Turning Local Heroes into Global Stars

This article examines why a multilingual environment is the ideal platform for creating workforce mobility and creating business agility.


Business Management

Armin Hopp (Global) - Language Training in a Diverse Workforce

In this blog post, Armin Hopp discusses the importance of language training for those organizations hoping to become successful in the global sphere. Discover top...


Business Management

Armin Hopp (Europe) - Why it Pays to Communicate in Local Language

In this post, Armin Hopp (founder and president of dp at Speex) evaluates the importance of a multilingual approach to business communications.


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