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Mobile Communications

Nokia Fatigue is Growing in East Africa's Trend-Setting Cities

After a decade of domination, Nokia, the most popular phone brand in Africa, is losing its lustre among East Africa's consumers.


Social Networks

'Politicized' Tech Plants Firm Roots in Europe

Today, most politicians assemble digital teams to manage their online spin doctoring, but the waves and impact of this manipulation varies from country to country....


Business Management

Contador Harrison (Africa) - How East African Tech Startups Can Attract Investments

Tech startups are appearing all over the world. This article offers advice to those based in East Africa.


Mobile Communications

Contador Harrison (Africa) - The 'Fraudulent' Continent

Contador Harrison discusses the prevalence of fraud in Africa, with specific attention to mobile fraud.



Contador Harrison (Africa) African Union must act to reduce cyber-crime

Contador Harrison talk about the need for governments to do more to improve security


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