Nick Booth

Nick Booth worked in IT in the UK’s National Health Service, financial services and The Met Police, witnessing at first hand the disruptive effects of new technology. As a journalist and analyst, his mission is to stop history repeating itself.


How IBM gave the Red Bull F1 team new wings

Red Bull Racing re-invents the Formula One racing car 21 times a year under impossibly strict conditions

a-z tech jargon

Unified Communications

The real meaning of… Unified Communications (UC)

The secret class system at work behind the marketing hype of Unified Communications

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Social Networks

The real meaning of… Trolledge

Why the word Trolledge needs an infusion of new life

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The real meaning of… Serverless Architecture

The mysterious world of Serverless Architecture is all not as it seems

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The real meaning of… Ransomware

Why we can trust nobody in the confidence trickster ridden cyber world

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Technology Planning and Analysis

The real meaning of… Quantum Computing

A wry look at Quantum Computing, paradigm shifts and LogicGate

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The real meaning of… Phishing

It’s not just the obvious scammers who are guilty of Phishing…

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Open Source

The real meaning of… Open Source

O stands for Open Source, Object Oriented Programming and Obfuscation

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Storage Security

The real meaning of… NAND

N is for the NAND gate scandal that the Pentagon tried to hide


Networking & Communications

SurFlow: Data at 6Gbps across your table, walls or the wings of a spaceship

A new networking technology uses electro-magnetic pulses to send data at a thousand times the speed of broadband. What could this mean?



Do you think your smartphone is making you a workaholic?