Nick Booth

Nick Booth worked in IT in the UK’s National Health Service, financial services and The Met Police, witnessing at first hand the disruptive effects of new technology. As a journalist and analyst, his mission is to stop history repeating itself.


Business Management

Canada Tech Bemoans Lack of VCs and Leaders

Canadian startups complain they don’t get the venture capital or executive power that’s available to the US


Mobile Applications

Israel's Tech Boom Driven by Need and Talent

Israel is firmly established as a startup hothouse, thanks in part to its unique position in the world


Data Center Management

Energised Norway Sparks Tech Startups

Norwegian oil gave the country a platform that technology innovators hope to build on


Mobile Applications

Resurgent Malmö Builds Bridges to Tech Success

Find out how a transport revolution has transformed the Swedish town of Malmo into a hub for mobile software technology.



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