Ben Olah

Ben Olah is originally from Sydney but he has lived in Japan since he graduated from university and, even after living there for many years, he says he never ceases to find Japan and its people to be a source of amazement. Ben is passionate about innovation and transfixed by the way that technology is changing our society in ways that nothing before has even done. 



Qrates courts Japan's love of vinyl records

A new service lets artists outsource vinyl pressing and associated processes


Cloud Computing

Box: Breaking Through the Clouds in Japan

Strong security could help the online collaboration firm to penetrate a tough market


Green Business

Cars of the Future Revved at Tokyo Motor Show

Highlights include a prototype mimicking a horse/rider relationship with its driver


Mobile Applications

Japanese Online Gaming Titans Down But Not Out

The last 3 or 4 years has been a tumultuous period in Japan for the burgeoning industries of social media and online gaming. So what does the future hold?


Handheld Technology

Japan's Unquenchable Thirst for All Things New

The people of Japan have a remarkable appetite for the latest devices and gadgets but what cultural and historical factors underlie that obsession?


Business Management

Japan's eCommerce Giant Rakuten Bids to Conquer the World

This article discusses the rise of Japanese company Rakuten, what it's meant for Japan, and what the future holds for the comparison shopping site.


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