Mark Chillingworth


Mark Chillingworth has over 20 years of journalism and editing experience across media platforms including online, live events, print magazines and television. From 2010 to 2016 he was editor in chief of the award-winning CIO UK. In 2011 he created the CIO 100, an annual power list of the UK’s most transformative CIOs.

Cloud computing, the year ahead

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, the year ahead

How providers and CIOs see cloud computing progressing beyond 2020


Human Resources

Is your organisation creating the best IT leaders?

In a changing world it pays to develop your CIOs to become broader leaders


Business Management

Firebreak approach to IT teamwork lights up change

Firebreaks provide the space for true collaboration and ideas


IT Planning & Management

Celebrate CIOs in a forklift year

IT leaders need to lay the foundations to build successful projects


Business Management

For CIOs, something has to change

Innovating the culture of the modern enterprise is a critical aspect of the modern chief information officer’s role


Human Resources

DevOps is a CIO's theory of evolution

DevOps needs to be embedded in culture for maximum effect


Cloud Computing

Banks finally welcome cloud computing cover

Once extremely wary, banking CIOs are now extending a grateful welcome to cloud computing

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