Adam Rowe

Adam Rowe is a freelance science and technology writer. He splits his freelance research time between finding bizarre science facts and bizarre science fiction, documenting it all @AdamRRowe.


Mobile Applications

From Trove to Prismatic: What the failure of content curation apps means

Personalized news apps could offer far more relevant and timely information than the Facebook or YouTube algorithm. But no one’s opening them.


Social Networks

Why the Facebook trending news controversy is a tipping point

Facebook trending news just doesn’t work. Audiences need more distinct, targeted “tastemaking” curators.


How the Internet of Things erases ownership

Nest’s move to destroy its own product highlights the Internet of Things’ biggest problem: Its revenue model demands that consumers essentially lease, rather than...


Mobile Applications

Treating phobias with VR might help push it into the mainstream

VR needs a killer app to capture mainstream audiences. The fear factor could be an elegant solution.


Social Networks

Twitter's NFL play: the first nail in the free web's coffin

As live sports events arrive on the internet, they’ll bring their revenue model with them.


Medical Devices

Bionic exoskeletons: Why haven't they replaced wheelchairs?

Bionic assistive technology sounds futuristic, but technical innovation isn’t the real factor keeping exoskeletons from walking the streets every day



Under-the-skin implants: Health tracking or Facebook feed to the brain?

Once battery sizes shrink, a world of implantable tech might make the shift from science fiction to reality

Technology Planning and Analysis

From sci-fi to reality: A history of the automated kitchen

From the 19th century “automat” to 3D printed pizza of today, we’ve always been fascinated by automated food delivery



Do you think your smartphone is making you a workaholic?