Andrew Braun

Andrew Braun has an eclectic taste in music, a crippling addiction to change, and a time-consuming learning habit. He has held jobs as a writer, a web designer, a farmhand, a handyman, and a teacher, and plans to travel the world, teach, write, and work towards a master’s degree in political science.


Business Management

How China Borrowed Christmas

We look at commercialism and the spirt of Christmas in China


Mobile Communications

Xiaomi: The Future of Tech Innovation in China?

What mobile manufacturer, Xiaomi shows us about tech innovation in China


Wireless Technologies

Will Robotics Transform Japan?

We look at whether Japan can continue to win the robotics race and what this will mean for the country



eCommerce Overdose: China's Shopping Addiction

We investigate the rise of shopping addiction in China


Mobile Applications

Apple & the Mobile Wallets Race

Is mobile payment technology bringing your wallet into the future?


Energy Efficiency

Solar Power: Energy Source of the Future?

We investigate the claim that by solar will make up 50% of the world’s electricity by 2050



The Dark Net: Will the Black Market Continue to Rise?

We investigate the incredible rise of the dark net’s anonymous marketplaces



Why Does South Korea Have the Fastest Internet?

Why the South Korean internet is the fastest in the world, and why we don’t have it



India and Italy: Two Sides of the Technological Divide

What are the similarities between Italy and India?

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