Lindsay Clark

Lindsay Clark is a freelance journalist specialising in business IT, supply chain management, procurement and business transformation. He has worked as news editor at Computer Weekly and several other leading trade magazines. He has also written for The Guardian, The Financial Times and supplements to The Times. 

Making machine learning fit for business

Machine Learning

Making machine learning fit for business

Machine learning is finding a role in all areas of business, but while some businesses are still experimenting, others are beginning to industrialise their approach....

Robotic process automation: lessons learned from the early adopters


Robotic process automation: lessons learned from the early adopters

Robotic process automation is set to see massive growth in the coming years, so what can newcomers learn from the companies that have been experimenting with RPA...

Handset makers in race for 5G

Mobile Communications

Handset makers in race for 5G

How are the world’s mobiles leaders fairing in the race to roll out 5G?


Machine Learning

Automation tools promise to accelerate machine learning

Automated machine learning promises to help companies make the most of their resources.


Enterprise Applications

Engaging the millennial workforce by modernizing enterprise applications

Can improved recruitment and retention in the right areas be used in the business case for modernizing applications and/or front ends?


Cloud Computing

Beyond the hype: A more nuanced look at cloud adoption

Why keeping business applications on-premise is not necessarily flying in the face of reason, or even prevailing IT trends

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