Adam Rowe

The Waking Dead and old-fashioned nostalgia could be the push VR needs

A look at how big brands help emerging tech or new formats go mainstream

From Trove to Prismatic: What the failure of content curation apps means

Personalized news apps could offer far more relevant and timely information than the Facebook or YouTube algorithm. But no one's opening them.

Why the Facebook trending news controversy is a tipping point

Facebook trending news just doesn’t work. Audiences need more distinct, targeted “tastemaking” curators.

Treating phobias with VR might help push it into the mainstream

VR needs a killer app to capture mainstream audiences. The fear factor could be an elegant solution.

Twitter's NFL play: the first nail in the free web's coffin

As live sports events arrive on the internet, they’ll bring their revenue model with them.

Bionic exoskeletons: Why haven't they replaced wheelchairs?

Bionic assistive technology sounds futuristic, but technical innovation isn’t the real factor keeping exoskeletons from walking the streets every day

Under-the-skin implants: Health tracking or Facebook feed to the brain?

Once battery sizes shrink, a world of implantable tech might make the shift from science fiction to reality

From sci-fi to reality: A history of the automated kitchen

From the 19th century “automat” to 3D printed pizza of today, we’ve always been fascinated by automated food delivery

How 'The Martian' impacted NASA's real-life mission to Mars

‘The Martian’ is easily NASA’s biggest PR accomplishment in half a century, yet its impact on the space agency’s future is still negligible

Sci-fi HUDs: A full circle of pointlessness?

Are heads-up displays the next step in UI or just an evolutionary dead end once self-driving cars arrive?

Google & the race for 'finger-free' smartphones

We look at Google’s Project Soli and what it may mean for future of tactile tech

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