Alex Cruickshank

Alex Cruickshank programmed his first computer in 1980, realising with relief that his appalling handwriting would no longer present a barrier to a successful career. He spent much of the nineties writing for nearly all the UK-based computer magazines. Then he ran his own tech website, IT Reviews, for a decade before selling it in 2010. He now writes about business and technology, with a side-line in science fiction. Despite being married with children, he finds it hard to settle down: he's lived in various places in the UK and New Zealand and currently lives in Berlin, Germany. He loathes social media but can be found online at

Tech Cynic: The boys (and girls) who cried wolf

Tech Cynic: The boys (and girls) who cried wolf

Hyperbolic reporting of hardware and software flaws does nobody any favours.

Google's quantum leap

Google's quantum leap

53-qubit quantum computer outperforms classical computing, in a highly specific way.

Co-working at the crossroads

Co-working at the crossroads

WeWork and Primalbase: two different approaches to the office co-working space business

Tech Cynic: Eavesdroppers, hackers, guests and privacy

Tech Cynic: Eavesdroppers, hackers, guests and privacy

It's not just the manufacturers of home assistants that could be listening to you and your visitors

Tech Cynic: this time it's personal

Tech Cynic: this time it's personal

It's one thing to understand the impact of social media on under-developed minds. It's quite another to watch it happen in one's own home.

Tech Cynic: Are they listening? Of course they are

Tech Cynic: Are they listening? Of course they are

Shock that major technology firms are listening to and recording users' conversations tells us a lot - about the users.

Tech Cynic: IT's role in the new climate change debate

Watch a lot of streaming video? Then you're killing the planet... possibly.

Tech Cynic: Facebook's cryptic currency move raises eyebrows

Cryptocurrencies are often dismissed as speculative fake money with no future... but when Facebook enters the fray, it's serious.

Tech Cynic: The rise and fall of Startup Stockholm Syndrome

Who needs wages when you've got free fruit and coffee?

Tech Cynic - Would you trust AI with your life?

Watch out for the long stable horse mackerel

Tech Cynic: Who needs a Babel Fish?

Increased connectivity should lead to increased understanding, but it doesn't

Tech Cynic: "Where's the button?"

Delving into the shiny, happy, not-entirely-sane world of unnecessary technology

Tech trends: Winners and losers as changing attitudes shift policies in North America

2018 was an interesting year for IT in North America, but 2019 could easily trump it.

Tech Cynic: The distraction bird

We can fill the brief gaps in our lives like never before. That's not necessarily a good thing.

Tech Cynic: VR, the never-popular technology

Virtual Reality headsets are available now. Get yours today! Or, more likely, don't.

Platform or publisher?

Vast social networks are censoring prominent right-wing US commentators for hate speech. What happens next?

Why the data difficulties in Deutschland?

Companies doing business in Germany with data face numerous hurdles. Here's why, and what to do about it.

Why is everyone so clueless about enterprise data storage?

No clue what your organization's storage requirements will be in the future? Don't worry, you're in good company.

Why Spectre demands more elegantly-coded software

Developing bloated software was almost excusable while processors were forever getting faster. That changed in January.

Why tech addiction may soon need be on the CIO's radar

It's still possible for suppliers and developers to claim ignorance of tech addiction, but maybe not for much longer

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