Andrew Braun

Andrew Braun has an eclectic taste in music, a crippling addiction to change, and a time-consuming learning habit. He has held jobs as a writer, a web designer, a farmhand, a handyman, and a teacher, and plans to travel the world, teach, write, and work towards a master’s degree in political science.

A sanctions-free Iran: The world's biggest untapped market?

Is Western technology about to take off in Iran?

The youth of MENA: Uneducated, unemployed & mobile savvy

We investigate how the mobile revolution is impacting an extremely young population in the Middle Eastern and North Africa

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We cross-reference data from three reports to determine the most free and least free countries for ICT in the Middle East

The politics of technology in the Islamic world

Problems arise from the fact new technology becomes inextricably entwined with Islamic rules

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In the second of our two part series we look at video gaming in the Middle East

Video games in the Middle East (part 1): The road to 2015

In the first of our two part series we look at video games in the Middle East

The state of science in Iran

We investigate the rate of scientific growth in Iran

The Islamic State online: ISIL's many accounts

How IS uses technology through every level of its operation

What is Google doing to your brain?

What do the various studies about online reading show us?

How China Borrowed Christmas

We look at commercialism and the spirt of Christmas in China

Xiaomi: The Future of Tech Innovation in China?

What mobile manufacturer, Xiaomi shows us about tech innovation in China

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