Ayesha Salim

Ayesha Salim is Staff Writer at IDG Connect

Infoshot: Will robots steal manufacturing jobs?

How will advanced manufacturing technology impact traditional US factory workers?

Immersive VR: When will audio catch up?

Audio is never given any attention when it comes to Virtual Reality experiences. We speak with a range of audio experts to find out why.

Google takes on Uber in new car-pooling rivalry

Will Google’s car-pooling service be good enough to take on Uber?

Did Uber just get a 3-in-1 deal with Otto?

We explore Uber’s acquisition of self-driving trucks startup Otto.

Intel shows it's 'hands' in Merged Reality

Intel steps into the Virtual Reality space with ‘Project Alloy’

'Safeture' app keeps travellers secure at the Olympics

A Safeture app promises to keep travellers safe at the Rio Olympics.

Olympics 2016: Data, VR and the challenges of managing elite athletes

Samir Abid, CEO of Pace Insights talks about using data and VR to prepare elite athletes for the Olympics in Rio.

World Wide Web Day: Google's brain re-wiring to constant-connectivity

For World Wide Web Day we take a look back at how the internet has changed the world.

Workplace automation: Is the UK worried?

The panel at Tech for Britain discusses whether we should fear workplace automation.

Deluded: Tech-obsessed car industry could be missing real threat

An inventor thinks the car industry is deluded in assuming threat will only come from software companies

If AR or VR is the future, then Pokemon Go's game engine Unity is laughing

Game engine Unity Technologies has positioned itself nicely for the future of both VR and AR.

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