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What can we learn from Australia's tech-based human rights challenges?

Australia is trying to navigate the ethical and legal issues surrounding tech deployment in a way that emphasises human rights. What can we learn from Australia's debates, and how are other countries approaching these issues?

Crypto key to currency crisis in LatAm?

Are the promises of cryptocurrency all hype for financially-challenged countries like Venezuela and Argentina?

Tech Trends: Growth continues despite political and economic instabilities in LatAm

Latin America may have hit the headlines for the wrong reasons in 2018, but continued growth in the region's tech industry is expected in 2019.

Tech trends: AI, cloud, blockchain top agenda for Middle East in 2019

Digital transformation is on the horizon in 2019 for the Middle East as countries push plans to move away from economic dependence on oil and gas.

How AI is impacting the creative industries

How is AI currently used in the creative industries, what are the challenges and how can creatives work with AI to create interesting experiences?

Workforce planning in the mega merger ecosystem

Why today’s consolidation and mergers make workforce planning even more important

The future of work: how to navigate the augmented workforce

What will an augmented workforce look like?

What can we learn from Malta's digital ambitions?

Malta is pushing to become a leader in the DLT space. How is the Maltese ecosystem geared towards leveraging blockchain for business success? And what can the rest of the world learn from Malta’s approach?

How Brazil is positioning itself in Internet of Things development

How is Brazil's National IoT plan positioning the country in terms of IoT deployment, what needs to happen make it work, and what is already happening with IoT in Brazil.

Getting DevOps right

Despite the promise of DevOps, many of these projects fail to deliver, so how can companies manage the challenges and deploy DevOps effectively?

What does ethical and transparent data use look like?

How can companies wanting to continue to leverage the benefits of data analytics maintain good relationships with their customers in the current context?

Should companies #DeleteFacebook?

SpaceX and Tesla both no longer have Facebook accounts. Should other companies follow suit?

Testing the waters: The value of ethical hacking for business

Why bug bounty programs are on the rise

The c-suite conductor: Why you need a 'symphonic enterprise'

What is a symphonic enterprise? And how do you create one?

Navigating the new outsourcing relationship

The format of outsourcing is changing, and that brings opportunities for an industry ready to take advantage.

A CIO's guide: How to get the most out of your data analytics investment

Data may be the new oil… but most organizations still don’t know how to harness it to their advantage

How a talent shortage is hampering IoT development

The Internet of Things has been tipped for success for some time but various things keep holding it back…

Will net neutrality repeal kill the next YouTube?

How the repeal of net neutrality could throttle digital startups and IoT

What should you know about mixed reality?

A look at where mixed reality is heading

Machine learning could unlock the power of 'self-driving' data centres

A look at the potential for machine learning to improve data centres

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