Charlotte Trueman

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Charlotte Trueman is a staff writer at Computerworld. She joined IDG in 2016 after graduating with a degree in English and American Literature from the University of Kent. Trueman covers collaboration, focusing on videoconferencing, productivity software, AR/VR and issues around sustainability.

International Women's Day: Being an engineering student, all I could think was "Where are all the women engineers?"

Fraud Analytics Team Leader at IBM Trusteer, Yarden On, discusses what first sparked her love of technology and her experiences working as a woman in the Israeli technology sector.

International Women's Day: Diversity cannot exist where misconduct thrives

Co-founder and CEO of Vault Platform, Neta Meidav, on the lack of venture capital funding reaching women and why diversity requires long-term changes, not quick fixes.

International Women's Day: It's important to believe in yourself and follow your own path

Founder and CEO at and SVP of Cheetah Mobile, Yuki He, on the importance of self-confidence and how we still have a long way to go before we reach gender parity.

International Women's Day: We need to create a fair playing field for all to enter and excel in

Senior Projects Analyst Dawn Gondo on the roadblocks women in leadership still face and how she has seen diversity in the workplace change throughout her career.

International Women's Day: We've come a long way, but there's still an awfully long way to go

Auth0 CISO Joan Pepin on improving workplace opportunities for diverse employees and her experiences of being a trans woman working in the cybersecurity industry.

Will Brexit lead to the death of mid-tier tech companies?

Eggplant COO Antony Edwards talks about Brexit uncertainty and what this could mean long-term for UK-based SMBs.

Is a failure to engage hindering tech's diversity efforts?

National security and defense consultant, Mivy James, discusses the importance of challenging the negative stereotypes that still persist in the tech landscape

News Roundup: The ICO finally dish out Facebook's fine for role in Cambridge Analytica scandal

A roundup of this week’s technology news including trouble for Apple and Samsung, an abundance of data breaches and a sexual harassment scandal.

Huawei looks to challenge US rivals by promising big investment in AI talent

Why the Chinese telecom giant believes growing “human capital” is now more important than growing financial capital

News Roundup: Google shuts down Google+ after massive data breach

A roundup of this week’s technology news including Twitter bots, poor data protection practices, parliamentary robots and cats.

News roundup: Facebook data breach puts social media giant in hot water

A roundup of this week’s technology news including Chinese spy chips, Amazon pay disputes and insecure political party mobile apps.

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