Headshot of Scott Castle, Chief Strategy Officer at Sisense

C-suite career advice: Scott Castle, Sisense

What advice would you give to someone starting their career in IT/tech? “Frequently ask the question ‘what is the user trying to accomplish, and why?’ - bad requirements won’t make sense, and good requirements will be far easier to...

Headshot of Grant McCormick, CIO at Exabeam

CIO Spotlight: Grant McCormick, Exabeam

What advice would you give to aspiring IT leaders? “My best advice would be to find the part of IT that you love and focus on that with an undying vigour. Become an expert on that one vertical.”

Headshot of Chris Hodson, CSO at Cyberhaven

Secret CSO: Chris Hodson, Cyberhaven

Cybersecurity is constantly changing – how do you keep learning? “You need to have a passion for what you do. Tech is constantly changing - you must be invigorated, because otherwise it would be extremely difficult to keep up…”

MDM in the form of a binary code with blurred background 3D illustration

Master Data Management (MDM) Software: Which solution is best?

PeerSpot users review the highest rated solutions in the master data management software market.

Headshot of Vadim Solovey, CTO at DoiT International

CTO Sessions: Vadim Solovey, DoiT International

How do you align your technology use to meet business goals? “For me, it’s always the business need that comes first, and my job as a CTO is to find a technology-based solution.”

Headshot of Glenn Hayward, CEO at Com Laude Group

C-suite career advice: Glenn Hayward, Com Laude Group

What are some common misconceptions about working in IT/tech? “That you have to be particularly technical. Business skills are often just as important in the tech sector.”

Headshot of Prashanti Aduma, CIO at Dialpad

CIO Spotlight: Prashanti Aduma, Dialpad

Do you have a succession plan? “I always look at how people can grow into my shoes... I see succession as mentoring people on a daily basis to ensure that they will one day be ready for the role.”

Headshot of Michael Armer, CISO at RingCentral

Secret CSO: Michael Armer, RingCentral

What metrics or KPIs do you use to measure security effectiveness? “There is not a one size fits all strategy and every CISO needs to generate a set of standardised metrics and business outcomes specific to their organisation’s risk...

Headshot of Asanka Abeysinghe, CTO at WSO2

CTO Sessions: Asanka Abeysinghe, WSO2

Are there any technologies which you think are overhyped?” There are several, such as service mesh, blockchain, and the metaverse, that receive considerable hype without directly addressing human challenges.”

Headshot of Brennan Spellacy, Co-Founder and CEO at Patch

C-suite career advice: Brennan Spellacy, Patch

How important are specific certifications? “Show me what you've shipped, not what you've studied.”

Headshot of Jean-Philippe Avelange, CIO at Expereo

CIO Spotlight: Jean-Philippe Avelange, Expereo

What advice would you give to aspiring IT leaders? “For me to be an IT leader you need to know your content… if you don’t know what you are talking about, then no one will believe what you are saying, so being firmly in the content is...

Headshot of Anne Marie Zettlemoyer, CSO at CyCognito

Secret CSO: Anne Marie Zettlemoyer, CyCognito

Is the security skills shortage affecting your organisation? “As an industry, we talk about this a lot. I don’t believe there’s a shortage per se, but rather a disconnect in expectations and understanding of what is needed and...

Headshot of Aaron Rankin, Co-founder & CTO at Sprout Social

CTO Sessions: Aaron Rankin, Sprout Social

Are there any technologies which you think are overhyped? “For the rest of us mortals, AI is mostly marketing snake oil and engineer catnip.”

Headshot of Rob Coupland, CEO at Pulsant

C-suite career advice: Rob Coupland, Pulsant

What tips would you give to someone aiming for a c-level position? “Back yourself to try things, because that is when you’ll learn most.”

Headshot of Nick Dearden, CIO at OAG

CIO Spotlight: Nick Dearden, OAG

What's the best career advice you ever received? “One of my old CEOs said that whilst you aren’t going to be successful with everything you do, if you succeed seven out of ten times, that’s real progress.”