Dan Robinson

Dan Robinson has over 20 years of experience as an IT journalist, covering everything from smartphones to IBM mainframes and supercomputers as well as the Windows PC industry. Based in the UK, Dan has a background in electronics and a BSc Hons in Information Technology.

How server disaggregation could make cloud datacenters more efficient

Standard servers are wasteful of resources, but future systems may be configurable to match the requirements of the workload

How is the PC not dead yet?

The PC was supposed to have been killed by tablets and smartphones, but shows no signs of disappearing just yet

What does hybrid cloud mean in practice?

Cloud providers and the big players in enterprise IT are pairing up to tempt organisations seeking a route to a hybrid future

Edge computing 101: A CIO demystification guide

CIOs are now used to cloud computing, but here comes edge computing. Should they worry?

Containers: Everything you need to know

We take a look at what containers are, the options available and whether they’ll ever replace virtual machines

How The Machine from HPE will find its way into your data centre

While this HPE R&D project may never make it into production in its current form it does showcase a raft of new technologies

Intel looks for a new direction amid a changing IT

The chip giant is reshaping itself for new challenges, but do its leaders have the vision to avoid past mistakes?

Gemini PDA: will professionals favour the scion of Psion?

The PDA gets a reboot with a new device focused on the keyboard for text-heavy mobile users

5G is coming… once boffins can figure out what it's for

Early 5G silicon is starting to trickle out, but is there a business requirement for 5G networks?

AI has its place in business, just don't believe the hype

Artificial intelligence is starting to be marketed like a gimmick, but could offer real business benefits for the right applications

No ARM in a bit of server market competition

Qualcomm is the latest firm to pitch an ARM-based server concept, but is there a market for them?

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