Dan Swinhoe


Dan Swinhoe is UK Editor of CSO Online. Previously he was Senior Staff Writer at IDG Connect.

News roundup: Apple beats Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to $1 trillion

A roundup of the week’s technology news including do not buy lists, Google in China, and Tesla surfboards.

Romania has the funding and tech-knowhow, but needs business knowledge to go global

Bitdefender CEO Florin Talpeș explains why Romania needs to learn how to go global to become an innovative tech player.

As Facebook quits low-orbit internet, other companies continue their efforts

End of Project Aquila doesn’t mean remote areas won’t get internet access.

Why cryptojacking malware may be a sign of more serious intrusion

Finding cryptojacking malware may only be a symptom of a more serious data breach.

Why CSOs should take mainframe security more seriously

Do companies take mainframe security as seriously as the rest of their IT infrastructure?

News Roundup: Rising sea levels could impact internet infrastructure

A roundup of the week’s technology news including Amazon doing networking, charitable hackers, and running robots.

News roundup: Light at the end of the tunnel for ZTE

A roundup of the week’s technology news including Facebook fines, rapid Blockchain consultation, and GitHub ’95.

DDoS attacks are still a danger, even during the lull period

Memcaching might have gone away but beware the rise of Mirai clones.

News Roundup: Huawei hits out at "ill-informed" US politicians

A roundup of the week’s technology news including Amazon pharmacy, Salesforce on the border, and Windows 95 Mobile.

Openness and trust key to a scalable IoT future

In order to scale, Internet of Things networks need to have a more open and standardized approach.

Microsoft/ICE: Tech companies working with the bad guys is nothing new

Technology industry has long worked with questionable entities, and this will only accelerate in the future.

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