Daniel Muraga

Daniel Muraga is an experienced online writer and communications professional based in Kenya.

Africa House: Spark Online's business incubation in Somalia

How one international organisation is offering business incubation services in conflict ridden Somalia

FlashCast: Ads and public SMS engagement on Kenyan matatus

How a combination of LEDs and GPS is delivering geo-targeted commercial and public messages to passengers on buses in Kenya

Inkomoko: Rwandan tech incubation in Kigali

How one Rwandan startup is providing local business incubation and acceleration services

Africa: Food & medicine for the needy via a mobile click

How one Kenyan startup is providing e-vouchers direct from donors to the people who need food, medicine and education

"Habaka": A Madagascan youth coding and tech hub

How one startup is pooling together ICT professionals and entrepreneurs and giving youngsters programming opportunities

Rwanda: A safety algorithm for lethal motorcycle taxis

How one startup is using Android phone technology to provide safety for motorcycles in Kigali

Kenya: Now dairy farmers can order cows online

How one startup is helping dairy farmers sell and buy cows, feeds and Agro vet services in Kenya

Kenya: Smart greenhouses controlled via SMS

How greenhouses, sensor technologies and ICT have converged to enable remote irrigation using SMS in Kenya.

Kenya: Art and fashion helps e-waste disposal

How E-Lab is looking to tackle e-waste in Kenya

SokoShambani: A Twitter app for rural Kenyan potato farmers

How one local startup is providing rural potato farmers with an easy and direct link to market and consumers in Kenya

HisaPlay: Kenyan 'stock market game' teaches investing

Stock market simulation app aims to educate young Kenyans

TasKwetu aims to let the Kenyan diaspora invest at home

How one startup is providing African diaspora with errand running, task management and tracking services in Kenya

Tunnel Lab: Tech training for poor teens in Kenya and Brazil

An initiative providing tech and entrepreneurial skills to teens in poor rural and urban slum communities in Kenya and Brazil

Mawingu: $3 a month Kenyan internet via TV white space & the sun

How one internationally funded startup is providing low-cost internet access for poor rural folks in Kenya

Nigeria: "A simple tech solution to a complex food problem"

How startup ColdHubs is providing low-cost cold storage kiosks for poor farmers and smallholders in Nigeria

PaySail: A payroll and tax filing app for Ghana

A business platform for online and mobile payroll processing and tax filing

A new crowdfunding model for Togo

How one innovator and entrepreneur is providing capital seekers with a platform for online and mobile crowdfunding in Togo

Nigeria: Credit card payments without the internet

How IroFit allows customers to transact and process card payment without an internet connection in Nigeria and the rest of Africa

CowriePay: New Nigerian online payment startup

How one financial model is providing financial inclusivity with credit and loans for all in Nigeria

Saisai Wireless: Free internet access for Zimbabweans

How one startup in Zimbabwe is maximizing internet reach and coverage at the cheapest cost

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