James Woudhuysen

Forget Apple vs. Uber: Electric cars from China will be the real economic disruptor

Few in the West have taken the full measure of China's drive toward electric vehicles

Hinkley, cybersecurity, China and the New Protectionism

The UK’s new power stations at Hinkley underline challenges relating to the Internet of Things and security

The Internet of Things: Some positives, several problems

In this introduction to our special report, the authors see plenty of snags remaining in our IoT thinking

Navigating the new landscape in cybersecurity

Speakers at the Information Security Forum gave their thoughts on the changing threatscape

Our hero: Gensets provide critical power where it's needed

Little known to outsiders, generating sets give us fuel where we need it

International Intrigue and a Slow Web in China's Dalian

The cosmopolitan Chinese city of Dalian is booming, thanks to outsourcing, batteries and more

Rant: When Telcos are Terrible at Communication

It’s time mobile operators fixed their networks – and their prose

IT and US Energy: Grids Go Smart, Armed Forces Go Solar

In IT for electricity, only the Pentagon now prefers the supply of photovoltaic power to metering manoeuvres

A Seminal Panic about Defence IT: The Marconi Scam, 1913

100 years on, corruption at a UK telco contains lessons on Snowden, Huawei and globalisation

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