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Jonathan Keane

Jonathan is a freelance tech writer living in Dublin, Ireland. He's previously written for sites like Tech.eu, BBC News, and Motherboard covering everything from cyber security to start-ups and the internet of things to drones.

Inspired by GDPR, here is how Brazil’s new data privacy law will work

Is Puerto Rico ready to be the next blockchain utopia?

Puerto Rico’s government is trying to attract blockchain businesses, but will this ultimately help or harm the island?

Bhopal is next on India's ambitious smart city agenda

An in-depth look at Bhopal's smart city program and what HPE will be adding to it

Security: Why does Southeast Asia lag behind?

A look at how Southeast Asia is lagging behind in Asia’s cybersecurity posture

What can we learn from new Venezuelan cryptocurrency?

New measures in Venezuela could usher in a pro-blockchain age

Middle East trends 2018: Can tech really replace oil?

Many Middle East countries have identified the ICT sector as a necessary investment to secure their future and maintain their wealth

Latin America trends 2018: ICT will start to find its feet again

As Latin America makes sense of the political turbulence created by the Trump administration, IT and especially Fintech seem to offer a future

APAC 2018: Major global player status will ramp up

Asia is beginning to outpace Europe but security is a serious concern

Fintech regulation could drive competitive growth in Mexico

Mexico joins countries like Germany in its new move to regulate fintech

Latin America makes excellent target for cybercriminals

Latin America needs to catch up on cybersecurity for the future

IoT must bridge its skills gap to avoid a security disaster

The IoT skills gap could expose dangerous security flaws for businesses

Fintech is the latest niche to become hot for bespoke training

As prestigious intuitions worldwide launch fintech courses, we take a look at what they offer

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