Jonathan Keane

Jonathan is a freelance tech writer living in Dublin, Ireland. He's previously written for sites like, BBC News, and Motherboard covering everything from cyber security to start-ups and the internet of things to drones.

Latin America makes excellent target for cybercriminals

Latin America needs to catch up on cybersecurity for the future

IoT must bridge its skills gap to avoid a security disaster

The IoT skills gap could expose dangerous security flaws for businesses

Fintech is the latest niche to become hot for bespoke training

As prestigious intuitions worldwide launch fintech courses, we take a look at what they offer

Stop angry ex-employees from stealing your data

As more businesses move to the cloud many leave themselves exposed to disgruntled ex-employees

Scandal and Trump shake Latin American startup stability

Tech investment in Latin America looks unsettled

Asia's 'final frontier': Investing in Myanmar's tech scene

Many investors have looked to Myanmar, since it opened up, but it is not an easy market to crack

How bureaucracy can hold back the Philippines' internet development

Legislation remains slow and surveillance is still unaddressed in the Philippines

Brazil is ramping up IT investment to boost its ailing economy

Foreign investment could be the answer to Brazilian economic stability

Bitcoin offered only a moment of reprieve for crisis-stricken Venezuela

How bitcoin surged and was clamped down upon in Venezuela

Latin America begins to acknowledge the serious threats of cybercrime

As Mexico takes a stand against cyber threats, what about the rest of LatAm?

Investment in Singaporean startup ecosystem grows

Why Capgemini chose Singapore for its first Southeast Asia innovation exchange

Latin America's fintech startups struggle to gain traction

Latin America’s fintech ecosystem still has many hurdles to cross

How Indonesia is preparing its fintech ecosystem

Indonesia’s push to become a fintech hub is not all plain sailing

How Spain's Cabify has made Latin America the centre of its business

Insight into Cabify’s growth strategy across Latin America

Public and private initiatives converge with Singapore's digital community

How Singapore is building digital communities for citizens and businesses

APAC 2017: A petri dish for new technologies

What might 2017 look like for tech in APAC?

Latin America 2017: A region plagued by uncertainty

What might 2017 look like for tech in Latin America?

Middle East 2017: Some improvements but work is still needed

What might 2017 look like for tech in the Middle East?

Has Macri finally created a hub for Argentina's startups?

Government intervention is just one component of making Argentina more entrepreneurial

Singapore has committed to eGovernment but what about the rest of Asia?

We look at Singapore’s latest public sector initiative and how it compares to the rest of the continent

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