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Q&A: What do you need to know to run an ICO?

We speak to the CEO of Chaineum, France’s first “ICO Boutique”

Q&A: How data analytics can identify toxic work environments

We speak to Dave Weisbeck from Visier, which uses employee data to discover (often negative) social trends in the workplace

B2B technology trends 2018: A bluffer's guide

What you really need to know about the tech trends of 2018

IoT set to push computing to the edge in 2018

Security and a move to edge computing likely to dominate IoT trends in 2018

101: The quantum vendor market race is hotting up

How is the quantum market progressing?

Q&A: How do good containers go bad?

Tim Mackey, technology evangelist at Black Duck Software talks security in containers

What will be the single biggest security threat of 2018?

What will be the single biggest security threat of 2018?

Our annual poll to find out what security professionals think the single biggest security threat of next year will be

Research: Does Asia lead in global blockchain implementation?

New research based on feedback from 7,381 global IT leaders looks at who is actually implementing blockchain technology

Q&A: Mainframe skills just as important as AI talent

We speak to Chris Ducker from Sungard Availability Services about why companies still aren’t providing IT staff with the level of training they need

Q&A: New 'cryptocurrencies debit card' launches in the UK

Benjamin Dives, CEO and co-founder of the London Block Exchange tells us what it means

Are crowdsourced algorithms better than 'old fashioned' decision making?

Dr Andrew McAfee, author of ‘Machine, Platform, Crowd: Harnessing Our Digital Future’, raises some interesting points about AI at an Intel event in NYC

Q&A: How to protect Initial Coin Offerings against cyberattacks

The rise of Initial Coin Offerings has also resulted in an increase in cyberattacks – a new service looks to counteract the problem

How big is the market for solving pointless "work about work"?

A chat with the co-founder of productivity tool Asana and wider look at the growth of project management software

Three unique security solutions to take note of

A recent analyst and journalist event in Silicon Valley included a range of innovative solutions in the security space – here are three which might be worth taking a look at

What might 'bad guy' machine learning mean for security?

A panel of security experts broadly agrees that adversarial machine learning looks set to increase over the next 18 months

First blockchain for business course offers initial step to certification

First free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on blockchain for business launched by Hyperledger

Career insights: Is stress or boredom worse?

Stress may get all the attention but what impact can boredom have on your career (and health)?

What you need to know about cryptocurrencies

An attempt to make sense of the complex (and trending) world of cryptocurrencies

What might life with your future robot co-workers be like?

We take a look at the future of robots at work…

Is it possible for a hulking giant to "think like an entrepreneur"?

Is it really possible to think like an entrepreneur in a large company?

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