Lewis Page

Lewis Page has been writing about technology across various industry sectors since the early noughties. He has a degree in engineering and is based in London.

Can the Global Telco Cyber Security Alliance deliver on its hype?

AT&T has joined Singtel, Softbank and other global majors in cyber pact, but how successful can it really be?

Just don't call it 'Deep': AI in Latin American business

Latin American CEOs believe more strongly in the potential of AI technology than do those in North America and Western Europe, but they are less likely to have deployed it. But what exactly is AI, anyway - and what does its future...

Do or be done to: how Canberra turned its back on the 'ideas boom'

Has the Australian federal government turned against its tech sector?

Beijing's tech policy is changing. Is China a safer partner now?

As the West becomes increasingly wary of the US tech giants, might Chinese competitors be a greater risk?

Trump's trade war and the FANG bubble: Good news for Latin America?

Trump's trade war with China continues, but how is it affecting Latin America's tech industry?

A story of a captive princess, a mighty dragon - and Australia's new telecoms

Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Chinese networking giant Huawei, is under house arrest in Vancouver - a situation with significant implications for the Australian tech sector.

The business effects of Australia's new snooping law

Canberra's new surveillance law and its consequences for cybersecurity, blockchain and networks in Australia

Networking the last billion: Are solar drones part of the solution?

Facebook has given up on solar-powered internet aircraft: but new designs are being tested now in Australia and China

Unicorn sightings on the rise in Latin America

The 'unicorn' phenomenon of $1bn+ startup companies is starting to appear more and more in Latin America. Is this indeed the 'breakout year' for Latin American tech?

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