Marc Ambasna-Jones

Marc Ambasna-Jones is a UK-based freelance writer and media consultant and has been writing about business and technology since 1989.

Is Netflix turning broadcasting engineers into networking experts?

Are broadcast engineers a dying breed or just morphing into networking experts?

Is proposed US 'hacking back' law really going to help?

Legislation is at least raising the issue of proactive security tactics

An IT insider's view on a global cross border M&A

The sale of Fitness First reveals the real complexities of integrating disparate IT systems

What does $1 billion buy you as IoT moves computing to the edge?

Enterprise firms jostle for share of burgeoning IoT space as computing moves to the edge… and Dell aims to lead with new division and strategy

How global tech companies promote sports innovation

One Madrid centre is playing team games to nurture sports innovation

Mobile world: A global race is on to win at battery tech

Battery power is critical to a lot of new technology – and countries across the globe are trying to get ahead. How is the UK doing?

A peek into the stealing habits of cybercriminals

Security experts show that (like everyone else) hackers are often lazy and traceable

What will AI mean to the traditional datacentre?

High performance computing and machine learning could be a double-edged sword for datacentres

Why is weather data important to companies?

Science of forecasting is reaping rewards for Big Blue

A look at the new breed of AI chips

AI protagonists chip away at Moore’s Law to redefine future processor

The future of vehicles needs the IT industry more than it realises

Are autonomous vehicles an opportunity or expensive dead end for IT firms?

Under pressure: Is it now make or break for net neutrality?

Trump, Brexit, globalisation, fake comments and of course capitalism are threatening the open internet

Get used to ransomware and outages, says infrastructure exec

Data-centric economy needs to think differently about threat management and compliance

Cloudera CEO Tom Reilly on law enforcement and fake news

Big data is a key weapon in fighting terrorists says Cloudera chief

Could UK corporate education really solve data science skills shortage?

A lack of relevant skills appears to highlight a failing education sector

Shadowing VMware, Veeam chief retains a healthy paranoia

Executive changes need to bed in quickly to meet new challenges at the fast-rising backup software firm

AI will cut medical errors, improve cancer diagnosis

US firm first to market with AI ‘doctor’

Are humans the final solution in the face of AI onslaught?

Data scientists have the power to make a choice on our futures

From CFO to CEO: Does Anaplan's new boss have a plan?

Former Red Hat CFO steps into Anaplan hot-seat to ready company for IPO

Separate Ways: After Workday split, Anaplan plots its own path

Business planning firm Anaplan is no longer a strategic partner to Workday but it believes it can go solo

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