Mark Chillingworth

Mark Chillingworth is a CIO and CTO journalist, ghost writer, moderator and advisor with over 11 years experience. From 2010 to 2016 he was Editor in Chief of the award-winning CIO UK. In 2011 he created the CIO 100, an annual transformation power list of the UK’s most influential CIOs and launched the UK’s first CIO Podcast in 2016.

Nutanix, a decade on and going deeper

Nutanix, a decade on and going deeper

Nutanix leadership says its people are key to how the infrastructure management player is enabling cloud portability

CIOs can lead business tech reskilling

CIOs can lead business tech reskilling

Business technology leaders should learn from the troubles of Thomas Cook and ensure that everyone in the business is developing technology skills

CIOs are board level influencers

CIOs are board level influencers

Having the ability to influence the board could be more useful than being a board member for CIOs and CTOs

C-suite need to ensure critical infrastructure is cared for

C-suite need to ensure critical infrastructure is cared for

It is a stark truth that if organisations do truly want to digitise, then technology infrastructure has to become a central topic of debate and care

A new boss presents CIOs with challenges and opportunities

A new boss presents CIOs with challenges and opportunities

CIOs and CTOs share leadership techniques and how these help develop strong relationships with a new governor

Technology leadership is a lucky place to be

Technology leadership is a lucky place to be

Take time this summer to remember that although often challenging, technology is a lucky and rewarding place to earn a living

Edge computing could power customer-centric IT

CIOs and experts see Edge Computing as vital for digital customer services

CIO as a broker is sales challenge to vendors

A wider range of influencers on technology buying decisions calls for a complete rethink of sales and marketing by many vendors

CIO role has evolved to business wide broker

Major annual study of global business technology leaders demonstrates CIOs are dropping technology control for influence on how tech will reshape business

CIOs: Ensure you describe the AI opportunity

Three metaphors to describe the opportunity AI offers the organisation's greatest resource - your teams.

AI is improving lives and business processes

Initial implementations of AI are creating efficiencies and more interesting jobs

Agile has changed the CIO & CTO role

Being the CIO of a business using Agile methods for continuous delivery has changed the leadership style in a positive way

Communicating AI value will drive real success

Let us help you tell the right story about AI before fear damages any intelligent debate

Data lakes flow with business opportunities

CIOs are soaking up the chance to drive business change using cloud-based data lake technologies.

Purpose driven CIOs need a new approach from vendors

Today's CIO is a business leader building teams that reshape the way organisations operate. So to reach them, discover what technology can do for their business, not what technology can do.

Diversity requires a new hiring approach

To change your team you will need to change recruitment practices -- or women and all diversity candidates will shy away from IT opportunities .

Rise of global data regulations benefits CIOs

Economies across the world are passing data laws similar to Europe's GDPR and the increased regulatory environment is releasing budget to CIOs and CTOs says NTT's Rich Harper.

Don't obsesses with youth, ideas can flourish at any age

A focus on the value of experience could mean you miss the value of youth.

Nearshore development centres create business agility

How nearshore providers focusing on creating great internal cultures are improving the cultural fit with clients.

Low Code delivers high productivity

Is Low Code going to simplify Enterprise Application Integration?

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