Nathalia Fernandes

Visa invests in Brazil to boost payments innovation

Payments giant Visa is hoping to learn from startups to drive new ideas

Latin America startups aim to corral the world's cattle

LatAm tech entrepreneurs hope to expand cattle management tech to the rest of the world

AgTech startup Strider sees smarter farming beyond Brazil

Strider is attempting to make agriculture more intelligent in Brazil and further afield

How technology will help Latin America to feed the world

Brazil’s food production will be boosted by technology that makes for smarter farming

BT boss seeks Brazil boost despite economic chaos

BT Brazil country manager Alex Ingles says the telco has been shielded from the worst of the local economy

Diversity, money boost Brazil's big tech hub in São Paulo

It may not be the prettiest or gentlest of cities but São Paulo has magnetic attractions

Brazil's Mappa charts personal development versus content

A Sao Paulo startup wants to help users find more nutritious content that will help them grow as human beings

From farmers to bitcoins, Mexican fintechs drive change

Mexican entrepreneurs are seeking to reinvent the country’s finance sector

A vibrant startup ecosystem benefits Chile's fintechs

The success of Startup Chile and a gifting culture are on the side of Chile’s financial services technology newcomers

Trust and technology boost Colombia's financial inclusion

Signs of stability are helping fintech firms provide services to underserved Colombians

Brazil's fintechs bank on more deals, less red tape

Brazilian finance startups are reducing bureaucracy to offer citizens new options for managing their money

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